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DA’s Tradition of Self-Support

How to Contribute To Our Fellowship

What is DA’s 7th Tradition?

Just like your own group, the GSO is self-supporting through the contributions of DA groups and members everywhere. The GSO cannot serve you or any suffering compulsive debtor without your personal and your group’s experience, strength, hope and financial support. The GSO must serve a rapidly growing number of members like you and groups like yours, and it cannot do so without adequate funds and prudent reserves. Each DA member and each group is asked to provide regular support at every level so each DA member, each group and the GSO can do the most important task that any of us has: to carry the message to the still-suffering compulsive debtor.

How do my contributions help DA?

  • Contributions support the General Service Office (GSO)
  • Contributions help publish literature and other materials

Where does DA’s income come from? Where does DA’s money go?




How can I make a personal contribution?

  • Each individual DA member who is able is asked to contribute at each meeting so your local group has enough funds to pay rent, buy literature, sponsor special events, build a prudent reserve, and contribute to any Area Group, any Intergroup and the GSB. Even if you are unable to give, please keep coming back. The still-suffering debtor is the most important person in DA and all the efforts of both the GSO and the GSB serve you and help you and all compulsive debtors like you recover. Members who have experienced prosperity through recovery in DA are asked to put $5 in the basket at each meeting. Individuals can make separate contributions to the GSB of up to $5000 per year. Individuals may want to give directly to the GSB on a regular basis or to celebrate special occasions such as…
  • Prosperity contributions. If you receive a new job or a raise, pay off a debt, resolve a legal issue successfully, or are blessed in any other way through your recovery in DA, you may want to express your gratitude with a contribution.
  • Anniversary Gifts. Many DA members give special gifts to the GSB to commemorate the anniversary of their first DA meeting or their first day of abstinence from compulsive debting.
  • Regular contributions: many DA members put monthly or quarterly contributions to the GSB, above and beyond their group donations, in their personal spending plans.

How can my meeting contribute?

We suggest your group establish a group spending plan and a local treasury with adequate prudent reserves, usually three months of normal expenses. Meet your local expenses first to keep the meeting healthy. Divide any surplus—each month—by the following recommended formula: if your area has an Intergroup, contribute 50% of any surplus to Intergroup, and 50% to the GSB. If your area has an Intergroup and an Area Group of GSRs, then contribute 45% to Intergroup, 45% to the GSB and 10% to the Area Group. If your area does NOT have either an Intergroup or an Area Group, contribute 100% of the surplus to the GSB. Each treasurer should send a contribution by check or money order after the group’s monthly business meeting.

How can my Intergroup contribute?

Intergroups are asked to contribute 100% of their surplus to the GSB.

What can my Area Group do?

Area Groups are asked to contribute 100% of their surplus to the GSB.

Collecting contributions for special events

Many groups and Intergroups pass a special basket to support the GSB during special events, such as Fellowship Days, World Service Month, group anniversaries, etc.

Where do I send my contribution?

Please make your check or money order payable to “DAGSB” and mail to DA GSO, PO Box 920888, Needham, MA 02492-0009.  If you prefer to receive an acknowledgement by e-mail, please indicate this and include your e-mail address.  Please call 781-453-2743 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have any questions or concerns.